Ocean 5 Dive Center Staff Information

Sander – Owner
Sander has been a dive instructor since 2005 and decided to make his dreams come true by opening a dive shop that offers diving for everyone: Oceans 5.
Sander teaches PADI, Reef Check and IAHD dive courses in English and in Dutch
Favorite Dive site: Takat Malang

Simone – Manager
Simone is the manager of Oceans 5 but with her background as a Biologist, she offers Reef Check courses as well and enjoys taking pictures of marine wildlife.
Favorite Dive Site: Hans Reef

Phil – Instructor
Phil is a very enthusiastic and experienced instructor and loves to teach and dive. He tells you everything there is to know about diving and makes every student feel safe and comfortable.
Favorite Dive site: Shark Point

Koen – PADI Dive Instructor
Koen can teach diving courses in English, French, German, Italian and Dutch and speaks a bit of Spanish as well… He is also specialized in underwater photography and is a surf instructor as well…
Favorite Dive site: Hans Reef

Nathan – PADI Dive Instructor
Our youngest instructor welcomes every student with a laugh. He loves to surf the waves of Gili Air in between dives and thanks to his patience he loves to teach kids as well…
Favorite dive site:  Sunset Reef

Jamal – Dive Guide
More then 4000 logged dives on the Gilis makes Jmal, one of the best guides you can wish. He takes you to the most amazing places and shows you all the special underwater life that the Gilis have to offer…
Favorite divesite:  Simons Reef

Cakdi – Captain
Cakdi was the first employee of Oceans 5. He is a very experienced captain that knows to find all the reefs around the Gilis and beyond. Always helpful with a big smile

Hamdi – Dive guide
Hamdi started as a captain at Oceans 5 but after he did his Open Water course with us he wanted to learn more…
Great diver and great surfer as well…
Favorite dive site:  Soraya

Nun – Equipment specialist
Nun takes great care of our equipment and tanks. He is very helpful I any way and takes good care of the turtles in the hatchery as well.
Whenever he has the possibility he loves to dive as well…

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