Ocean 5 Dive Center: Fun Dives Information in Gili Air Lombok Island Indonesia

Fun Diving with Oceans 5 around the Gili Islands
Welcome to our paradise!

Sea turtles, reef sharks, frog fish, pipe fish, moray eels, pygmy seahorses and all kinds of rays, all within a 5-15 minute boat journey or even in front of the shop (Oceans 5 house reef)…

Gili Air offers a large diversity of dive sites, fulfilling the needs of all, from beginner to professional level.  Our modern and luxurious facilities are stocked with new, quality equipment.

Best Divesites!
Our local English speaking guides offer fun divers
an unique experience, with extensive knowledge of where to find the most interesting and unusual marine life that only a locally born guide can offer.

We dive generally at 8.30, 11.30, 14.00 and 19.00 (night dive) and dive in small groups (per guide or instructor max. 4-6 divers). We expect you around ½ hour beforehand to arrange equipment, and so we can make all the necessary pre-dive checks and briefings.

For divers that didn’t dive for a long time, we offer scuba reviews. It is also possible to dive with a private instructor or divemaster.


Oceans 5 can provide air as well as Nitrox blends. Courses are available to those who would like to take full advantage of the beautiful and vast reefs.  All our boats have an oxygen kit and first aid kit for emergency cases and onboard staff is trained in Emergency First Response. Oceans 5 also provide fresh drinking water to all our customers.

Try Monkey Diving!
We have 2 Dive X DPV’s (underwater scooters) that allows you to cruise through the water with a speed of up to 55 meters per minute!

Monkey diving is the newest hype in fun diving where you attach the scooter to a harness that gives you more freedom to make loops, turns and be an acrobat underwater! Watch your air consumption!

Free diving

Oceans 5 has freediving equipment for rent. Mono-fins and enlarged stereo-fins are available in different sizes. Our house reef is a perfect place for beginners since there is hardly any current.

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