Gili Eco Trust : Save the coral in Gili Islands of Lombok

The Gili Eco Trust is the sole authorized association in the Gili Islands for the protection and conservation of the environment. Gili Eco Trust was formed in 2002 to help SATGAS (local security) fight against dynamite and cyanide fishing, which dramatically damaged the eco-systems of the Marine Protected Area Gili Matra.

SATGAS and Gili Eco Trust have worked together in partnership since that period to enhance and preserve the marine resources of the Gili islands. New eco-projects are launched continously to avoid further destruction and to encourage education through the respect of nature.

The Trust is funded by the 50,000rp “EcoTax” paid by guests, divers and snorkelers in the Gili Islands.

How the Trust spend your money?
* Ensuring an effective patrol and enforcement policy within the boundaries of the Marine Protected Area. The patrol boat is making sure the rules and regulations of the area are enforced with the collaboration of the DKP (Marine Conservation and Fisheries Department).

* Coordinating and managing agreements with the local fishermen to ensure the health and abundance of underwater eco-systems

* Installing mooring buoys and maintaining them; stopping boats dropping anchors which can destroy our precious marine life.

* Financing the Gili Biorock® Reef Restoration Project: creating, building and maintaining Biorock® structures that allows marine life to flourish.

* Preventing the islands beaches from disappearing by installing anti-erosion systems.

* Organizing a “Clean Up Day” on the first Friday of every month

* Collecting data and archiving the state of the eco-systems: reef survey and reef gardening

* Educating the next generations in the local schools about the importance of the natural resources, as well as which eco-behavior is appropriate in order to keep a clean and healthy environment.

* Setting up a recycling program together with FMPL (rubbish collection company), the program covers education, smart purchasing, re-use, compost, recycling plastic, etc…

* Organizing social improvements on the island such as medical clinic, kindergarden playground, renovation of the schools and the rubbish dump, planting trees.

* And much more…

Thank you for purchasing this log book. All profits from the sale goes to SATGAS-Gili Eco Trust.

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